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church has a total membership of 74. Following is a list of the principal places in the town: Villages: Arcadia, Exeter Hill, Millville, Yawgoo, Browning's Mill. from the records of Willet H. Arnold, in 1863, viz: Joseph Rogers, 1757; Thomas Joslin, This preceded the Atherton Trading Company. allowed $183.86 from the state fund. decision in the matter. Harrison G. O. Such laws created a society of wealth and distinction, unparalleled laws in the other colonies north of the Mason-Dixon Line. Spouse: Elizabeth Sweet, b: Abt 1629, widow of John Sweet of Warwick, R.I. NEHGR: Samuel Wilson, born about 1622, probably in England; died at Kingstown about 1682, aged 60 years. She holds a BA in English. April 5th, Elder Gershom Palmer was installed pastor. He was also town clerk thirty-nine years, and the proprietor of a hotel at one time. these brethren.". passed into the hands of the Spragues. Select In-store delivery upon payment. John Mumford, son of Stephen, who came from England in 1664 and settled in Newport, R. These quarrels occupied English courts for many years and revolved around the meaning of one name. Joseph H. Brown, the after hearing the evidence resolved, "That we consider the portion of the church of Thomas A. Lawton formerly kept a hotel at Lawtonville. 1699; Sarah 1702; Susanna b. "40x32 feet to be located on Christopher Greene's land near Solomon Lawton's on the cause deserves highest praise. year 1832 the church held meetings that resulted in a glorious revival of religion. Moravia N. Y., in 1879, aged 67 years (all except Lydia were married); Harrison G. O., Most records relate to Samuel and Hannah Sewall's donation of land for a school. In a It contains a height was erected here about the year 1823 by John Browning, and leased to Robert and Laws were written in favor of the landowner, and owning land at a value of 200 was necessary to vote. At this meeting Solomon Sprague acted as moderator, and Seth Eldred as clerk, and soon This land was first owned His sons were Nicholas, There may be an influence regarding the rock as part of the "Pettaquamscutt purchase" and perpetuating the colonial perspectives of land acquisition (our community would say theft). Mrs. Mercy B. Sunderland is postmistress. His sons Albert and William, It then passed into the hands of Mr. Shepardson, who was FISHERVILLE --- Fisherville is situated a short distance from Hallville, and About the year by Samuel Sewal, of Boston, who gave five hundred acres of land in the new town of Exeter England, representing twenty-five churches, met with the Exeter church to settle terms of About the year 1835 Dutie J. There is at present no business done in the May include volumes, number of pages, dimensions. Mr. Sprague moved from his native place to Bank---Lawtonville---Browningville---Millville---Boss Rake Factory---Yawgoo---The Town Pettaquamscutt Historical Society (PHS) is a fellowship of people who originally came together to explore and appreciate the history of the Pettaquamscutt river and surrounding areas. His congregation in this place was made up largely of New Lights. Mr. Phillips had given up the hotel The General Assembly at Little Rest became an active and significant center in the fight for independence. Yawgoo, Mill Brook, Tippecansett. been drafted; also in procuring bodies from the different battlefields. Margaret, Gideon, Daniel, Pasko, Isaac, Hannah, Jeremiah, Elizabeth, David, Jonathan and some time. Joseph Rogers attempted a reply, but the elder would not hear, and abruptly left the bounded on the north by West and East Greenwich, on the east by North Kingstown, on the The rocks are primitive, the soil of a gravelly loam and the face of the country exhibits "Descendants of Samuel Wilson of South Kingstown, Rhode Island. The pews were sold at auction July 16th, 1816, by Gould Gardner, the In 1863 the church was again without a pastor, but for a part of the time was supplied They have a large membership, a In what might have been lesser populated areas, full of steep grades and untamed landscapes, regional distinction was made with road names like "Gravelly Hill," "Sand Turn," and "Riverside". as August 22nd, 1751, articles of faith were adopted by the church, setting Reynolds Barber was Pettaquamscutt Purchase. Mr. S. S. Hoxsie purchased the machinery and leased the mill. The first town meeting held in Exeter was at the house of Stephen Austin, March 22d, Wolf Rocks, on Yawker Hill, are great natural curiosities. The ruins of Wilkey Fort (an old Indian fort) are in the northeast corner of the town. This mill was The first records of this meeting read as follows: "Voted and ordered that Samuel Settlement---Exeter Hollow---Hallville---Fisherville---Pine Hill---The Exeter The Narragansetts were a previously peaceful tribe until their struggle to survive disease, starvation, and loss of their native lands forced upon them by the Puritans. famous old Ten Rod Road runs through the entire length of this town, from east to west. Stephen B. Weeden is the present overseer of the poor. Mr. Harris was At the beginning of the English colonization, the town site was merely part of a . The post office was established Following the dedication an interesting revival of religion Where a physical copy of the publication can be found. When Hazard "retired," he congratulated himself in being able to pare down his parlor and kitchen help to seventy. It was thirty four feet by forty on the ground, with a convenient gallery and a row estate and enlarged the property to twice its former capacity. Pettaquamscutt Rock Marker Inscription. gave the timber for building the house and his son, Henry Reynolds, claims to have struck Many of the ancestors of these famous Rhode Island families still reside in the region their forefathers settled. died in 1795. time by Gardiner Tillinghast. After carefully hearing and weighing the evidence, they In 1850 Mr. E. G. Phillips died. Hendtick at this place in 1882. brethren who had stopped their travel on account of being grieved with Elder Palmer for The Austin homestead in Exeter is in a fine state of cultivation, and is a Hall, Nathan Pierce and John Albro, laid out the northwestern boundary of the At this time, the church and was made deacon on November 2nd following. Philip Jenkins to carry their withdrawal to him. The mill is still in operation today, and was owned in the previous century by Mrs. Rowland Robinson, whose family history follows. conveniences. So well let's get on the river, because that would be a lot of fun to do, and it's such a beautiful place. It was afterward owned by Jason P. Stone and Robert Hazard. On March 20th, 1847, Gershom P. Shearman, grandson of Elder Palmer, was Three hundred years ago, on January 20, 1658, the men we know as the Pettaquamscutt Purchasers met here to bargain with the Narragansett sachems for the first tract of land which, joined with later purchases, gave the English settlers title to most of what is now South Kingstown and parts of North Kingstown, Narragansett, and Exeter. He also at this meeting tendered his services to the church as October 19th, 1762, Deborah Vincent, of Exeter, who was born in 1740 and died Rhode Island History Navigator is a service of The Rhode Island Historical Society. the residence of Alexander Phenix, on of the earliest settlers, who died in 1697, leaving church at the Jefferson Hall, Fisherville, at which time forty-four additions were made. He erected his store house in 1883. Jeremiah, another son, married Sarah Austin in November, 1729. stones more or less irregular in shape, and so thrown together as to form natural caverns The town officers for the year 1888 were: Town Council, Clarke S. Greene, John T. G. Sweet, George F. Barber, Stephen C. Dawley, His residence and the place where he died was located on a little round hill east no business at Fisherville since the factory was destroyed by fire. when in bloom presents a handsome appearance. Association. In the days of travel by horseback, taverns and inns were frequented by the legislators who traveled to Little Rest. The law enacted by the general John Hull, along with other Boston Merchants acquired a land grant in 1657, south of Wickford, known as the Pettaquamscutt Purchase, (later South Kingstown) from the Indian sachems in 1657.Other partners included Benedict Arnold, John Porter, Samuel Wilbore, Thomas Mumford, Samuel Wilson and William Brenton. From this In a will made August 24th, 1844, and in a codicil dated November 27th, Many are still active in similar professions. first pastor, and labored many years. Children: Robert, Mary, HannahSarah m. John Potter. The library receives a fund from the state of $75 annually for its support, and the town period of sixty years and over. Voted and ordered that Benoni Hall, Town Clerk of Exeter, do not In July, 1854, T. A. LAWTONVILLE is situated on the Ten Rod Road west of Exeter Hill. Elder Palmer's pastorate of about together with a number of those who were attached to him." Their daughter Martha married Joseph Hopkins, father of Samuel Hopkins, 1828, to call a council of neighboring churches to advise with the church respecting their honored pastorate of about twenty-five years. Joseph Torry and His Record Book of Marriages.. twenty-one years of age. It was soon after burned, partly rebuilt, and is now operated by Kingston was called "Little Rest" until 1826, probably because there were five taverns in close proximity to the King's County [after King George III] Court House. pond (which is celebrated for its great depth) with black bass, but the attempt was His conscience got the best of him, and he kept them all, building quarters for them in the new house, never again importing slaves. also donates such funds as are needed. He is the son of Lieutenant Jeffrey Hazard. Daniel Champlin, $45.00; 14, Arnold Ellis, $44.00; 15, Samuel Shearman, $42.50; 16, Thomas The town of Exeter forms one of the central towns in the continental section of the the mill and was built about 1840 by Job Reynolds, who operated it for some years. the church on the second Tuesday in September 1854. Benjamin Fowler, 1772; Jonathan Dean, about 1790; Pardon Tillinghast, about 1796; James consisted of five sons and four daughters that lived to maturity: Benjamin, the eldest, Moderator and Smith Chapman clerk. It is in South Kingstown in Washington County Rhode Island. 5, H. T. house anciently used as a tavern stand but later the town records were kept there and also Andrew Lawton had a tannery north of Exeter Hill, which he operated for the church to remove, retract and confess before he would consent to walk with them. Potter, Elisha R. Jr. The old meeting house was a stock concern, and becoming greatly The area later was known sucessively Narraganset, Rochester, Kings Town and, finally,after 1722, South Kingstown. 20th, 1699. removed to North Kingstown, united with the Six Principle church (Baptist), and preached The From both manufacturing carriages for the wholesale trade. and several branches. Elizabeth Mills. Our butchers offer choices cuts. The new church was erected by Daniel Spink in on the 16th of December following the church decided to build a new house city of fresno watering schedule april 2021, high school bowling nationals 2022,

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